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Setting up the color forcing option

Foreword: Gespage manages spool files generated by print drivers.

It is not possible to modify a spool file generated in black and white in order to make it print in black and white, so you have to find a trick to achieve this function.

The goal of the maneuver here is to configure a rule on the release printers to always force documents in black and white.

When the user presses the color forcing button on the copier screen, Gespage will simply choose not to apply the black and white forcing rule.

Prerequisites: The print driver used by users must be configured to color or auto color by default.

Setting up the black and white forcing rule:

On each copier equipped with an eTerminal on which this option will be available, a rule will need to be added to always force the document into black and white.

This rule is added to the Gespage printer, in the ‘Printing rules’ submenu:


After adding the rule, a message appears indicating that the implementation of the forcing depends on the print driver, I recommend the use of PCL6 driver to create this rule.

Addition of the color forcing function to the eTerminal:

On each Gespage eTerminal on which the function must be effective, you must configure the release option to authorize forcing to color:

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