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Using a Global Print2Me queue between two Gespage remote server

Global Print2Me was originally created to do print follow me between two Gespage Agent connected to the same Gespage App server.


If we want to use Global Print2Me between two or more Gespage App server connected with remote configuration, the configuration needed is as follow:

  • Start the embedded FTP server on each Gespage server (FTP must be local to the server, the two server don’t need to be connected to the same FTP server). Gespage Application service must be restarted in order to enable the FTP directory.
  • Printer name configured as Global Print2Me in Gespage must be strictly identical.
  • Take care to enable compatibility between the physical print queue and the Global Print2Me printer.

It is possible to set the synchronization delay between the spool synchronization between the remote server by adding a setting in the menu “Registry (expert mode for parameters)” under the tab Server\Support on Gespage:


This parameter is define in seconds and can take the minimal value 10.

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