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Print issue due to Microsoft update / July and August 2022

An issue have been seen on the print management for the print jobs sent to a Gespage virtual queue, if the Micorosft server is up to date with the Micorosft update from 13st July 2022, the users have an error message on their computer when  the print job is launched and the print job doesn't appear in Gespage.

This problem come from an issue while deleting spool files after their release on the Microsoft spool directory.

When the Microsoft spool directory is full, the print spooler doesn't accept other print jobs on the virtual queue.

A new Gespage Agent version is now release to enforce the spool deletion after their release.

To update your Gespage Agent version, please follow the steps below:

  • Update Gespage your Gespage with the lastest version
  • stop the print spooler  and Gespage Print services.
  • delete all the spool file under the directory C:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\
  • restart the print spooler and Gespage Print services

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