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Gespage Agent configuration options

It is possible to personnalized the Gespage Agent configuration.  First, you need to create a configuration file named GespagePrintAgent.conf under the directory C:\ProgramFiles\Gespage\GespageCore\conf\. 

The available options are the ones below:

  • Logs=true (Enable the Agent logs in C:\Program Files\Cartadis\Gespage\logs\GespageAgent.log)
  • SNMPLogs=true (Enable SNMP log)
  • SNMPStartupDelay=6000 (Delay between two polling SNMP to get the MFP counters)
  • SNMPPoll=0 (Disable SNMP polling)
  • SNMPcommunity=public (Default SNMP community, by default : Public)
  • LogLevel=DEBUG (Log level :DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, SEVERE)
  • LogSize=100 (Size of the log files before rolling, in Mo)
  • LogFilesCount=5 (Default number of log files)
  • Allow0Page=False (Default as False, Try to never count a job with 0 pages. If true, allow to print a job count to 0 and forced the accouting to 1 sheet.)
  • UnparsedSpoolFiles (Save the file who cause a failure with the agent. By default=GPAgentUnparsed so: C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS\GPAgentUnparsed )
  • SpoolFilesSubDir (Temporary directory to parse the spool. In case the Gespage agent crash, avoid to reparse the file that created the failure. By default=GPAgent so: C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS\GPAgent)
  • BadFilePath=path (Define a path for receiving a copy of the badly counted spool files)
  • KeepAdvancedPrintConfiguration=true (by default to false, allow to use the advanced print functionalities for the printer)
  • CancelJobsOnPrinterError =False (to define behaviour on printing being on error)
    true (default): Print job is cancelled. This is the standard behaviour in Gespage. This behaviour is recommended but can leads to problems with some drivers where the cancel of the job is blocking the print queue until the spooler reboot.
    False: Nothing is done.
  • GespageMobilePort = 443 (set the User web page on port 443).
  • GespageIP=x.x.x.x (Define the Gespage IP address where the agent must connect)
  • GespagePort=7181 (Default value to the SSL communication, else 7180 without SSL)
  • SSL=true (true enable the SSL communication)
  • HideDocTitle=False (If true, all the title are hide. They are replaced by "HiddenTitle")
  • HiddenTitleText=Titre (allow to replace "HiddenTitle" with another title.)
  • SNMPPoll=600000 (= 10 minutes, delay between two SNMP communication to get the MFP counters (in milliseconds))
  • WinDocname=False (False by default, use the title define in the PCL or PS file if it is not empty. If true, get the title send by Windows.)
  • WinUsername=true (true by default: use the username sent by Windows. If false, use the username define on the PCL or PS file.)
  • TrackOnly=False
    (False by default, If true print job are not paused before release, Gespage Agent track the jobs informations and send these information to Gespage server. 
  • GespageCxDelay=N
    (Gespage Agent in tracker mode enable a communication with Gespage server when it start and also all the N seconds. A random value between 10 and 600 seconds is added to prevent simultaneaous connection if there is mors than one Gespage Agent.
  • SiteName=xxx (Define the name of the Agent, by default computer name is used. Several Tracker Agents can share a same name when they refer to the same printers.)
  • SNMPping=true
    (true by default : PING the MFP before to send a SNMP request (allows to wake up the MFP). If no answer to ping then don't send the SNMP request. False : don't PING the MFP, send systematically the SNMP request to all the MFP. Useful in case PING are blocked by the network admin

Configuration with print cluster:

To s cluster configuration, you need to add the two lines below on each cluster nodes:

  • ClusterName=\\CLUSTER_PRINT : Cluster Server name (ensure to add ‘\\’)
  • ClusterSpoolDir=S:\spool : Spool directory path, can be find in the print cluster managament menu.

/!\ Take care to add SiteName=xxxx in the configuration file if necessary /!\

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