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Configure the Gespage user interface on port 443 for Gespage v8

Gespage configuration


Under the directory C:\Programe\Gespage\GespageCore\conf\, create a file named GespagePrintAgent.conf.

Edit the file and add the line GespageMobilePort=443 and save it.


Copy the file gespage.war from the directory C:\Programe\Gespage\GespageCore\serv\lib\deploy\ to the directory C:\Programe\Gespage\GespageCore\serv\lib\deploy\external\


Modify the file index.html from the directory C:\Program Files\Gespage\GespageCore\server\config\docroot-ext\ and replace the line by your URL :




Then, add on the Gespage Admin interface the URL and the port to acceed to the Gespage User web page. Restart the Gespage services to apply the modification (Application, Agent and Mobile services) :



Add a certificate to Gespage

You can follow the procedure bellow to add your certificate:éthode-permettant-l-ajout-d-un-certificat-avec-gespage

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