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How to configure Gespage Popup MSI

It is possible to edit the Gespage popup MSI file to configure it before deployment.

Thsi MSO file can be edit through a software like ORCA for exemple.

As soon as the file is edit, you must set at least three settings on the property:

The settings that we can change are: SERVER_IP, AUTHENT ans USER.

The setting SERVER_IP must be set with the Gespage IP address.

The setting AUTHENT is used to define the authentication method.

This setting can configure with the value below:

  • No > no authentication
  • UserNameWithEcho > authentication by username, the username is display
  • UserNameNoEcho > authentication by username, the username is not display
  • LoginPassword > authentication with username and password.
  • Card > authentication by card if a card reader is plugged into the user's computer
  • PrintCode > authentication with the user printcode

The USER setting can be use to define a default user for the popup.

This setting can be use if the AUTHENT setting is set to No, to define a default user for the print that will be different than the loogin session, it can be usefull if there are a lot of computer with the same user session for exemple.

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