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Database firmware update (PostgreSQL)

PostgreSQL's versions are updated every few versions of Gespage. In Gespage 8.2.3, PostgreSQL jumps from version 9.4 to version 12.5.

Gespage and PostgreSQL's versions are independent, but every Gespage executable contains the last available version the database software.


You can either:

- Update BOTH Gespage and PostgreSQL (Steps 1 through 9 of the tutorial)

- Update PostgreSQL (Steps 1 through 9 skipping steps 2, 3 and 4)

Eg.1 :

Your Gespage is currently in 7.5.9 and you plan on updating to 8.2.5 while also updating PostgreSQL.

Eg.2 :

You want to update PostgreSQL from 9.4 to 12.5 but you already have your Gespage in 8.2.4.


Here is how to update your server :

1) Make a backup of the current database (Server > System > Backup/Restore) (making a server backup is highly advised).

2) Stop all Gespage Services.

3) Launch Gespage's executable to start Gespage's update.

4) Make sure everything still works up to that point.

5) Make a backup of the database (see step 1).

6) Save the generated file (the most recent you can find in Programs/Gespage/GespageCore/db/postgresql/save) on the Desktop.

7) Uninstall Gespage and PostgreSQL.

8) Start Gespage's executable again.

9) Restore the database (Server > System > Backup/Restore) using the previously moved file.

You're all set ! Your Gespage and PostreSQL are both up to date.

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