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How to anonymize Gespage's logs

To anonimyze Gespage's logs you have to use FileAnonymizer.jar.

To find FileAnonymizer.jar you have to go to "Program Files\Gespage\GespageCore\server\tools".

- Put the FileAnonymizer.jar into a directory.

- Create a "logs" directory next to the .jar

- Put the "GespageAgent.log" and the "gfserver.log" into this "logs" directory.

- Open a prompt (cmd) and lunch: java -jar path_to_file/FileAnonymizer path_to_folder/logs

- When the processe end you will have 3 new files in your "logs" directory, 2 anonymized logs with "anonymlog.date_hour" extension and a map file that the client can keep.

!Warning! The process can take a few moment.

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