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How to install a printer and a popup on Mac

Add a printer :

To add a printer managed by Gespage under Mac, you must add an IP printer with the LPD protocol :

The information must be filled in as below:

Address: IP address of the Server where the Gespage service is installed.
Protocol: Leave the value on LPD.
Queue: Name of the printer as it appears in Gespage. (Attention this parameter is case sensitive)
Name: The name of the printer displayed on the MAC workstation.
Use : Install the desired driver on the workstation.

Watch out!

On the server where the printer is installed, LPD/LPR printing capabilities must be installed.
On a Windows server, the LPR Role must be enabled.

On a classic Windows, the functionality must be activated in the control panel and the add/remove menu of Windows programs and functionalities.

Installation of the MAC popup :

  • Copy the file "": in Applications. 

     then go to :
    GespagePopupApp (in Applications)

  • Change the IP address to the one where your Gespage is installed:
    (You can access it by right-clicking and selecting 'View Package Contents').

  • Give the root user of the machine the right to execute the popup:
    "Be in the command line folder to perform the following commands " :


                sudo chown -R root:wheel

                sudo chmod -R 755


  • Launch application at startup (System Preferences > Users and Groups > Opening)

  • The file GespagePopup.plist needs to be pasted into :

    With the following command (go to the folder where the file GespagePopup.plist is located and type the following command):

    cd /

    sudo mv GespagePopup.plist /Library/LaunchAgents



  •  Troubleshooting GespagePopup:

    - If the Popup does not start, check that the execution right is configured on all files in with the terminal.

    - After launching the popup, check that the popup status is green (indicating a good connection to the server).

    - If the popup does not open when printing, check that the printout has been received by the Gespage server (Gespage monitoring menu).

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