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Gespage v9.0 release Notes

Version 9.0.0

You will find below the 9.0.0 release notes and attached the release notes in PDF format.

New features

  • Admin interface
    • New easy-to-use user interface for the administrationUne image contenant texte, capture d’écran, diagramme, logiciel 
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    • Minor modifications have been done into the menu’s architecture:
      • The navigation is now offered from the menu on the left
      • The Document menu has been added to setup the mobile printing and scan parameters.

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  • Printers’ management
    1. Gespage Direct Agent
      • The management of printers has been fully redesigned to distinguish printers from printer queues:
        • Multiple printer queues installed on different servers or computers and referencing the same MFP are now aggregated to a single printer device.
        • A single printer and eTerminal configuration can therefore be shared between multiple printers’ queues.
        • The reports are referencing the printers, that can be aggregated from different printer queues.
      • This allows various new configurations:
        • Install print agents on user computers to get rid of print servers.
        • Share a common eTerminal between separate networks (ex: education and administration networks)
        • The standard management of printers through a print server remains of course possible.
      • The aggregation is done automatically based on printer queue’s IP addresses: 
        • From several printer queues referencing the same printer, the aggregation printer is called the ‘Priority printer’.
        • By default, the ‘priority printer’ is the first queue referencing a printer that is registered on Gespage.
        • It is possible to manually modify the ‘Priority printer’ and to rename it.


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  • eTerminals
    • Gespage embedded applications
      • eTerminal Ricoh
        1. Gespage Ricoh eTerminal v2.3.0 
          • New design of the user interface.
          • Add advanced scan feature.
          • Allow logo customization.
          • See eTerminal release notes for further information.
      • eTerminal Lexmark
        • Gespage Lexmark eTerminal v7.0.0.0
          • Allow logo customization.
          • Better support for latest models.
          • See eTerminal release notes for further information.
    • Gespage web eTerminals
      • The web eTerminals management has evolved to be more resilient to complex network architecture:
        • To do so, the eTerminals unique identifier has been moved from the device IP address to the device serial number.
        • For example, NAT traversal between the server and MFP is now supported.
      • The impacted eTerminals are the following:
        • eTerminal Brother
        • eTerminal Epson
        • eTerminal KM
        • eTerminal Sharp
        • eTerminal Toshiba
        • eTerminal Xerox
      • These changes do impact each eTerminal configuration. Please see the each eTerminal v9 manual for further details

  • System
    • Upgrades to the technical stack:
      • PostgreSQL v15.2
      • Java OpenJDK v11.0.15
      • Payara v5.2022.4


Bug fixes and small enhancements

  • eTerminals
    • eTerminal Epson
      • It is now possible to customize the Gespage MFP service user credentials.
    • eTerminal Kyocera
      • Gespage Kyocera eTerminal v1.7.4.0
        • Fixes linked to advanced scan customer journey.
        • See eTerminal release notes for further information.
    • eTerminal Sharp / eTerminal Toshiba 
      • It is now possible to setup if the MFP certificate is checked or not (for server to MFP flows).Une image contenant texte, ligne, Police, capture d’écran 
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    • Gespage scan
      • For scan to mail, it is now possible to setup a destination to the secondary user’s mail.


  • Hardware peripherals
    • cBot
      • Add support for self-association of a card to an existing account.
      • Fix support in print options modification from cBot
    • cPad-Pay
      • Embed firmware cPad-Pay v2.6.4.

  • Printers’ management
    • When a printer queue is deleted, the printer’s configuration remains available in Gespage. This allows the easily restore the printer’s and eTerminal configuration on a new printer queue.
    • Fix management of BW printing when color quota is exceeded on the user’s service.


  • Mobile printing
    • Web printing: Hide mobile printers that are not allowed to the user.
    • It is now supported to setup an advanced price profile on a cloud printer.


  • Gespage Agent v9.0.0.0
    • The installer is now also available with .msi format.
    • SNMP monitoring: Add support for new range of MFPs.
    • Improve Gespage agent startup delay.


  • Gespage Remote
    • In the users’ synchronization process, some additional parameters of the user are now synchronized (email, home directory…)


  • Admin interface
    • A new menu for Gespage print agent’s monitoring has been added.Une image contenant texte, Police, ligne, nombre 
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    • In users’ parameters menu, it is now possible to setup the random numeric code length.
    • For scan to mail, it is now possible to setup a maximum size for attachment (setup in SMTP parameters)
    • The admin web access roles have been adapted to the new menu structure (role added for the Document menu).
    • In the license menu, the maximum number of allowed eTerminal is now displayed.


  • Reports
    • Fix content of some reports sent through automatic tasks.


  • Installation
    • After installation, Gespage printing mode will now be setup by default in level 2 (management of user's balance).
    • The Gespage installer is now unique on Windows whatever the required eTerminal.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Minimum TLS allowed by Gespage is now setup to TLS 1.2
    • Add new languages: Italian, Portuguese


Upgrade information (v8 > v9)

  • Installation
    • Before upgrade, Gespage must be up to date with latest Gespage v8 version (v8.2.7)
    • The migration procedure (see Gespage V8 > V9 Migration) must be followed during the upgrade.
    • The migration impact is depending on the eTerminal brand.
  • Licenses
    • Xerox eTerminal and Gespage web payment licenses must be reinstalled after migration to be compatible with their new format.


Information notes

  • Following functions are not yet available on Gespage v9.0.0
    1. eTerminals
      • eTerminal Xerox
        • No access rights can be setup.
        • The Xerox eTerminal model feature is not yet available.
    2. Mobile printing
      • Gespage App for print jobs submission is not yet available.
    3. Cloud connector
      • Google Drive connector is not yet available.
    4. Client application
      • Gespage Pay Station is not yet available.
    5. Installer
      • Debian installer is not yet available. 


  • Following functions have been removed due to deprecation.
    • eTerminals
      • Removed eTerminals: OKI, Samsung, and Toshiba v1.
      • eTerminal Sharp: Remove support for browser Netfront <= 3.5
    • Hardware peripherals
      • Removed peripheral: CMI and cMDB
    • Advanced Scan
      • Custom incoming flows and SMTP Gateway have been removed.
    • User interface
      • Gespage Mobile Drive (Gespage document storage feature) has been removed.
    • Mobile printing
      • It is no more possible to access from the eTerminal to the list of mobile documents by entering a document code (used to be possible on eTerminal Toshiba or Xerox).
    • Miscellaneous
      • Copier-only device has been removed.
      • Gespage LDAP gateway has been removed.
      • iPDM feature has been removed.
      • Manual CSV import menu has been removed. CSV import remains available through the Tasks feature.


Known issues

  • eTerminal Sharp
    • Sharp BP models support is partial in Gespage 9.0.0

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