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Windows: add a certificat on Gespage

It is possible to add a certificate on Gespage to secure the communication.

Prerequisite :

  • Get a PKCS12 or PFX certificate with its password.
  • Get also the certificate with CRT or CER format.
  • Install the KeyStore Explorer tool
  • Have a directory with the keystore.jks and cacert.jks files copied from C:\Program\Gespage\GespageCore\server\config\ directory from Gespage server.


  1. Import the certificate authority

Launch KeyStore Explorer

Clic on "Open an existing KeyStore" and select the cacert.jks file from our directory.

cacert.jks password is « changeit ».

Clic on "Import Trusted Certificat":

Select your CER certificat and clic on "Import":


Add an alias name for your certificat, you can add the name of your choice here:


Please, have in mind to save your change:



    2. Import the certificate into the Keystore.jks

Launch KeyStore Eplorer

Clic on "Open an existing KeyStore" and select the keystore.jks file.

The keystore.jks password is "changeit".

We have to replace the existing "s1as" certificate by our own certificate.

Clic on 'Import Key pair"

Select PKCS12

Select our certificat, and enter the decryption password:


An alias name is asking you must set "s1as" here:

The password must be "changeit":

Please, have in mind to save your change:


You can now move the cacert.jks and keystore.jks file from our directory to the Gespage server directory C:\Program\Gespage\GespageCore\server\config\  .

Restart Gespage Application Server service to apply the certificate change.

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