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Release notes : Gespage Lexmark

You will find below the Gespage Lexmark eTerminal release notes and the release notes history in PDF format.

GespageLexmark v7.1.0.1

Released June 11, 2024

New features

  • Full support for the new Lexmark 9-Series range (A4 / A3).

Bug fixes and small enhancements

  • Advanced configuration
    • Introduced the advanced parameter continue_processingto manage eTerminal behavior when a user logs out during an ongoing copy session.
      • true: The copy job continues; logout is blocked until the job is completed, displaying a “please wait” screen.
      • false (default): Logout is permitted during the job. If a logout occurs before the copy job is finished, the job is canceled and only the printed pages are accounted for. This process may take some time to cancel the job.
    • Improved the configuration allowing to bypass the Gespage Home page on the eTerminal. Now it is possible to disable Gespage Home page and choose one of the following options after login:
      • Go to the native home page
      • Go to the pending jobs screen
      • Go to the pending jobs screen only if at least one document is pending
  • Automatic logout
    • Fix a random occurrence of a blue screen appearing after an automatic logout
    • Fix abnormal automatic logout when the user is navigating on native screens. The advanced parameter prompt_timeout allows to manage the automatic timeout delay.
  • Customer journey
    • Corrected an issue with print code entry via the MFP’s integrated keyboard.
    • Fix the display of button home page on pending jobs screen. Sometimes the button was missing.
  • Accounting
    • OEM Luna models: Fixed accounting issues when a user perform multiple separate copy jobs during a single session

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