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How to install Gespage Popup on Linux computer

To start, you must download the popup from our support portal from the link below:

As soon as the popup is downloaded, extract the zip file on the choosen directory.

In this new directory you will fiond a file named

You must edit this file and set your Gespage IP address as below (be careful to delete # symbol in front of the setting):

Then you can launch the Gespage popup with the command line below:

Then, if you launch a print job, the popup should be displayed.

To enable the popup at the computer startup, you muste create a script.

nano popup

Then write the lines below into the script, don't forget to specify the directory where the .jar file can be find:

Then you must allow this script to be executed with the commande line below:

sudo chmod +x popup

To launch this scrtipt during startup, you must ass the script in the startup applications preferences:

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