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Configuring a printer for Gespage Cloud

1.  Go to Printers > Mobile Printing Profiles > Add profile

2. Set the default cloud options in the profile  

It is possible to make these default options unchangeable or even hide them:  

3. When the profiles are created (it is not mandatory to have an email printing profile), go to the printer and select the one that will be used on the user interface (Cloud Gespage).

Switch to the Mobile Printing tab and tick the cloud printing box.

In "new configuration", add a name, select the print profile previously created or the default one and if necessary select the email profile. Click on add and validate at the bottom of the page.

4. Enable direct document printing from the user interface


Go to Mobile Printing > Cloud printing and tick the option "Activate print menu" and "Enable direct document printing".
You can also set the default printer if you have more than one available in the cloud.

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