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OCR: OCR installation with scan through Gespage


To use OCR with Gespage, you need to use a third party software named Teseract.

We are using the following version for this software: tesseract-ocr-w64-setup-v5.0.0.20211201.exe 



This procedure gets three steps:


  1. Tesseract installation
  2. Configure the process
  3. Add the process in the scan profile



  • Tesseract installation


The first step is the Tessaract installation.

It is a standard installation file, you just need to follow the steps:






By default, Tesseract install only the English language package.

If you need to handle documents from other language, you need to add the additional language data:





I advise to remain the default directory for the installation.



Une image contenant texte, Appareils électroniques, capture d’écran, logiciel

Description générée automatiquement





Tesseract i snow install, we can go through the next step.



  • Configure the process


As soon as Tesseract is installed, we can now create the OCR scan process that could be use on the Gespage scan profiles.

OCR process creation is done from the tab Document / Advanced scan / Process / Treat / OCR :




You must then configure the process:


You must set a process name.


OCR interpreter cannot be configured for the moment, it must be set to Tesseract.


You have the possibility to choose the result from the following choices:



About the interpretation language, you must add the language in use.

If you only install the English language, the value must be set to ‘eng’.


For the latest setting, it is about the installation directory for Tesseract.

If Tesseract is installed in the default directory, this field can be empty.



  1. Add the process in the scan profile


As soon as the process is created, it can be use on your scan profiles from the menu Document / Advanced scan / Scan Profiles / Advanced scans list:




You just need to select your profile, and add the process you just created:




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